Pendant ce temps là, à Veracruz… [MAJ]

… Eglantine knits !

I had a few commands, Here are a few :

Mongolia yak wool Cap

Two-tone baby poncho, Rice point and jersey

Point Cap fancy

Thanks to those who have ordered, I took a lot of fun knitting this !!

This is the previous masterpieces !

In the case where your fridge is really bad set… (simple mittens, Norwegian pattern Brown and white broken – small size)

Non, This isn't quite a swim Cap

Bag of dodo (bordeaux Red, Rice point and jersey with folds, Cove of fifty centimeters, average capacity)

Simplement, You can imagine that it weighs heavy on our bikes ! Et en plus, There are plenty of wool to sell, and you can renew the stock easily… So here's the plan, you could help us by RID. Nous, Let's go get them until you, in Exchange for a few crowns, to be determined depending on the model you choose. Mittens and hat bath which is not a are available and already in France, but you can also order more by changing the color, or the form, or telling me what would make you happy, bref, one mail Here we go !

I want to clarify that these works were made from templates DROPS Design, great site that puts online knitting patterns for free and offers an incomparable choice ! (You can also take a look before ordering !)

5 thoughts on “Pendant ce temps là, à Veracruz… [MAJ]

  1. Clar'Ice

    Hello to you 2 and thanks for your blog that travel me distance!
    The pictures are great and full of reflection articles! ..and that's good!
    If you have wool... and the time between all your visits…I'll ask you one escapes! (and Yes to Paris that clamp the morning!) .. If possible a top Norwegian flag... otherwise I trust you completely for an original model !

  2. Tinou

    Or a poncho, or a CARDI or what you want to knit for my bambinette will happen in full polar February, the poor choupette.

  3. les Cyclorêveurs

    Ah ! I stayed on the first idea, and it shouldn't take long to arrive, We'll talk ! But if you still want something else, It can be done of course ! Can't wait to see the face of the schtroumphita in any case !

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