Oh, un livre ! C’est gentil, mais j’en ai déjà un !

Ah yes but there, precisely, We had more !

You may remember that in China we were victims of our ebook. We wonder more how this could happen in this country, mais bon, It's like this.

The original ebook was a gift from our friends, and we lost him, too bad for us ? Et bien non ! Friends gave it, and it's a new book that we received in Shanghai, always as a gift ! Thank you so, Westcoast, Jakar's, SKO, Socrat's, Elmer, Gerchi, as well as our host Tchegun ! (et oui, everyone has a code name !) We see that you think of us, It really pleases us, and we think a lot about you, even if we send a lot of emails !

Karamazov is dead, long live Karamazov (Heck I told the end !)

It is therefore a Kobo which replaces our Sony, and that's without grudges ! And yes, the interface of the Sony was a bit limited, quite slow, difficult to navigate in the list of books, tedious note taking… Le Kobo, released a year later, gum these defects, and if we can't of course the responsiveness of a Tablet, his system remains adapted to use expected him, IE to be able to read on.

We're really happy to have found a book, in which we put our old books, a lot of people had also offered us prior to departure (that we don't yet all read, shame on us !), as well as a few other.

First mission for our book : get us our 37 hours by train without problems ! He'll need stamina !