Après la plaine, les montagnes !

The Eurovelo6 had accustomed us to a flat road, and the problem was that she was flat in every sense of the term !

On leaving in Linz, We drove to the South, along the Alps, et là, another show is offered to us ! It gets a little more, with its climbs for which we no longer have the training, but the landscape up there is worth a visit !

The Austria is checkered by paths, What makes that we have not even got to roll on the real roads, It's still very nice ! I don't know if the number of cyclists has pushed to do a lot of cycling or vice versa, but it happens that we cross every day countless numbers of cyclists with panniers, parties probably for a week, with family or friends, in a very friendly atmosphere !

Petite route calme entre les collines, nous croisons rarement les voitures !

Quiet small road between the hills, We rarely see cars !

It is not so widespread in France and it's a shame, to find because of the scenery, There is nothing like, and with a small budget ! (not to mention that there is no need to take the plane or other transport to get at the end of the world !). If you want but that you are new and somewhat understand the Organization and everything, We recommend this site (the, which was started by two friends of Eglantine, and offers all-inclusive formulas (bike, accommodation, drawn and any) for bike. After that, no more excuses !AUT_2160


A few more photos of the wonderful places we saw finally convince you !

Les nombreux lacs sont un plaisir pour les yeux !

The many lakes are a pleasure for the eyes !

The weather is still beautiful at this time, and we take the opportunity to make us beautiful breaks on the sunny pontoons ! Take advantage of our last days of trip !

Ce banc est pris, nous en trouverons bien un autre pour faire la même chose !

This bench is taken, We'll find well another to do the same thing !


Then we come to Salzburg, vile friendly which we will probably talk you later !

Nice day !


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