Nouvelle figure en vélo couché : 180° tabletop ground scratching (Part2/2)

Gare de la Baule, tout est calme, je prend mon temps. Ma mission : simplement rejoindre la maison de vacances à 25km de là. Simplement…
Dans le train, j’ai tracé le chemin à prendre sur le GPS, seulement celui-ci ne trouve pas sa position… vive la technologie ! Je prend tout de même le chemin prévu.

I tried to provide passages on gray roads, formidable shortcuts that are on the map : in reality (IRL, for initiates) it's rising, is increasingly grassy, there's stones, ruts… bad idea, I prefer to stop and turn around, stroke the amount of business that I carry around my bike is not a very effective ATV…

This time suddenly it goes down, and there's always the stones and ruts, have I do not see where to go and I took speed. I try to free myself traces too close to the side branches, but hunting rear wheel in one of them, and it is the fall. Ass and repainted bags earth color, blue everywhere, I leave quietly, not without having to re-arnacher the bag so heavy on top of the luggage rack… No more gray road map, Noted !

The road is pleasant, and overcast but does not seem too threatening, so I take a break to take off my rain gear. The pants-type Gore-Tex already has a hole, -40 days after departure… super !

180° table top, without scratching the ground this time… well tried !

A little further, a paranormal phenomenon made me veer dangerously towards the curved edge of the road… I can not seem to straighten, it is already too late. The rear wheel slip and come out of the road, cycling sets (c’est un comble !). I was then 25km / h, the zero crossing is fast, thanks to the strong adhesion of panniers on my arm and tar… The bike turns on itself, à plat : Figure 180 TableTop Ground is now invented scratching, but is already perfectly executed !

Saddlebags took expensive, and I come to tell me that I could at least take everything on the arm (which is already well underway), because at least it will fix itself… While it keeps me awake because of friction with the sheets, then I can put it anywhere more arms, it is not very practical… This is the job that fits.

This is superficial… certes, but it hurts anyway !

I have not yet been able to determine who was responsible for this drop (because it obviously can not be only my fault !) : I hesitate between the wind, the curved road, or bag by detaching began to look… en tout cas, I decided from that moment to drive the unnecessary weight material with determining Ducan !

Compared to the beginning of this short trip, the end has no significant interest (cad, not falling !), I will do so in grace !

You will find in the next episode the results of the first testing equipment, and the bike optimizations !

A bientôt, et soyez prudent sur la route 😉