Les rêveurs, à nouveau cyclo !

What a sweet feeling from Mashad, Despite the horns of trucks and mopeds pursuing us !
We are on the road again, After nearly a month without rolling, you feel free to a point that it is difficult to describe.

Visiblement, We went from the dark side of the cyclo : It feels good, even travelling more than 150 km of desert in a day, We want more !

Found our tent girlfriend and our buddy stove. They form a great team, they hold the road despite the big wind blows, a gasoline sometimes very very doubtful, or land that might not seem very conducive to camping !

“Shower” in public !

Bref, all that to say that we are pleased to be on the road, to drown in landscapes of sight, to meet both around soup lyophilized night and wet T-shirt again !

2 thoughts on “Les rêveurs, à nouveau cyclo !

  1. tinou

    Enjoy! C’est vrai que moi j’aime bien mon lit, les assiettes et les couverts, la voiture ou le train de temps en temps et le chauffage qd il caille…. Mais ca doit être formidable cette sensation de liberté qd même. Je vous embrasse

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