These old tools

Some of you know me enough to know in was not more to make me dream : an abandoned workshop, old rusted tools, stuck drawers and time for rummaging…

This is unexpected, but it's part of the pleasures of the WWOOFing in the Japan !

When it makes visit to a producer of rice off season and that there's not much to do in the fields, It gives the opportunity to dig into other areas : Mayan Astrology, yeast rice and its benefits and, bien sûr, the workshop !

I hope that these small pictures will inspire some-e-s as much as me !

And if some have questions on the use of some of these tools, and well know that also !

JAP_1800 JAP_1825 JAP_1827 JAP_1829 JAP_1831 JAP_1841 JAP_1843 JAP_1846 JAP_1848 JAP_1852 JAP_1859 JAP_1868 JAP_1874 JAP_1877 JAP_1887 JAP_1889 JAP_1891 JAP_1894 JAP_1896 JAP_1900