The corny !

On our way, we met many travelers. Some were organized tour. We saw them in their small van Soviet gray, often four to six groups, from one site to another in a drop of engine. One of them one day asked us if we did not bother too much cycling in these large areas rather monotonous… This may seem justified, more…That Nenni ! And yes, and instead, we surely more fun travelers motorized-timed, because sail peacefully brings advantages, thanks in part to animals !

So good, sometimes, they are on the road edge and in very poor condition (not very glam, hello and smell ! Especially when approaching City also (Oulan Bator bien sur)).
Generally still, we see them in the flesh AND alive, sur les pistes, autour du campement ou encore dans les airs, et c’est toujours un plaisir !

La plaine mongole typique ! (enfin, les régions que nous avons visitées !)

A cette saison, les troupeaux sont partout ! Des chèvres, des moutons, des vaches et bien d’autres !

Nous n’avons pas souvent osé prendre l’eau des rivières…
C’est un peu comme en France, sauf qu’on voit à 15km à la ronde !
Tiens, un yak !
Les reines des plaines sont de loin les biquettes !
Toujours apeurées à notre arrivée
Et toujours prêtes à se percher sur un rocher, même si c’est une pierre tombale au bord de la route…
Survol de vaches par les grues si peureuses

Et quand on y regarde de plus prêt, Mongolian Nature is full of beasts a little more discreet, sometimes dare to approach the camp for our little joys !

We are under surveillance !
One of these flying locusts with a sound of applause, comfort of my seat !
Bold gerbil !
And of course, raptors are everywhere. Just look up to see them.
We also surprised predator (vultures we confirm perhaps birders !?) and other somewhat more volatile tenderizing…
An imposing eagle
And a vulture, scary !
Especially when they are fighting for a veal carcass
Ravens, bagarreurs , seek confused with vultures 4 times bigger than them !
This one does not try to confuse ! It is rather zen in his temple !

And to the end, we reserve our most amazing friends ! These camels, we did not expect to cross before entering the Gobi Desert. But they are there, with their strange looks and quiet impressive both !

Find the one who yawns !
The neck of the camel would allow almost tie a knot in it so it's flexible
The helmet is kept, in case !
We could not get much closer !

Then, the animal specialists, Have we done wrong predictions about the name of the species found ?