Voir Tokyo et revenir…

Voilà le Tokyo qui nous a touché, qui nous a fait marrer, qui nous a bel et bien envoyé dans une dimension parallèle dont il est peut-être difficile de revenir.

Ici, impossible to enter the clichés. C’est bien simple, What we were told of the Japan before getting there, nothing will really match the reality. We tried to tell you our adventure, but whenever we give you a representative detail of the country, We could find something completely opposite a little more away.

Tokyo building

Asakusa, the temple

Tokyo is perhaps the extreme concentration of paradoxes that made this country a place of impossible to tell, impossible to photograph (everything is so photogenic it is unrepresentative of reality !), impossible to imagine. The Japan is a country that feels, is happening, and that is very demanding.

Akihabara, you want to play ?

It took us several weeks to realize that we were next to the plate from the Japanese culture, then another several weeks to realize that it was not so bad… A partir de là, that is when we arrived in Tokyo about, We observed, laughed and learned people here sometimes so strange behaviors. It would take probably a couple of years to go further. Surely he had to speak at least a few words in order to Exchange. We loved Tokyo like that !

And the Tokyo, We love them !

Unlikely evening

Unfortunately we had to leave due to expiring visa, and as we are not ready to go back… It was a good experience anyway, that complements the other discoveries of our trip !

It was the last article on the Japan if we missed anything, back in Europe now, back home ! A bientôt !