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Trip to the Japan

A new journey is underway !

In order not to overmix this new journey in very different from that of 2011 à vélo, We decided to keep a blog on a new site :

This time and as during our last trip to the Japan, We live in the Japan more we travel, taking advantage of our condition of seasonal workers to work in winter on our computers from anywhere with an internet connection !

You will find pictures of life on the spot, and from thoughts of cultural differences that may be encountered between the Japan and the France.

Enjoy your visit !



These old tools

Some of you know me enough to know in was not more to make me dream : an abandoned workshop, old rusted tools, stuck drawers and time for rummaging…

This is unexpected, but it's part of the pleasures of the WWOOFing in the Japan !

When it makes visit to a producer of rice off season and that there's not much to do in the fields, It gives the opportunity to dig into other areas : Mayan Astrology, yeast rice and its benefits and, bien sûr, the workshop !

I hope that these small pictures will inspire some-e-s as much as me !

And if some have questions on the use of some of these tools, and well know that also !

JAP_1800 JAP_1825 JAP_1827 JAP_1829 JAP_1831 JAP_1841 JAP_1843 JAP_1846 JAP_1848 JAP_1852 JAP_1859 JAP_1868 JAP_1874 JAP_1877 JAP_1887 JAP_1889 JAP_1891 JAP_1894 JAP_1896 JAP_1900

L’exposition du voyage visible au Festival Folk au Morimont

Bonjour à tous,


Encore un article sur l’exposition photo “Simple générosité” du voyage ! Très rapidement cette fois, les infos sont déjà dans les autres articles.

Cette fois c’est au Festival Folk au Morimont que seront exposés les tirages grand format !

Le Festival Folk au Morimont aura lieu les 2, 3 et 4 octobre au Morimont, en Alsace. C’est très sympa et bonne ambiance, et en plus le fil rouge de cette édition est le voyage, avec l’exposition, des projections de films et documentaires sur le voyage et tout !

Au plaisir de vous y voir, chers visiteurs inconnus !

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Les cyclorêveurs

Shinjuku Gioen, Tokyo (26)

Les parcs de Tokyo

When we think about New York, imagine Central Park. For Tokyo, the green isn't necessarily what comes to mind, Yet the city is well supplied from this point of view ! We necessarily compare a little all large cities in Paris, and on this point there is there no picture : Tokyo parks are much more numerous and pleasant than those of our capital (not because Boulogne and Vincennes is nice, but this is not really in Paris !) !

Small overview of all the major parks of Tokyo, that we tested for you by going regularly is napping during the day ! And yes, We are not Cycloreveurs for nothing !

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